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Write By My Side

Connecting communities through creativity.  Write By My Side, is an innovative program powered by BOOKORAMA Student Publishing.  With this program our goal is to help connect communities and students through the power of storytelling.  Our program pairs Sponsor Schools and Receipient Schools to facilitate the creation of published books.  The books that are created by the students will be based on predetermined themes that both schools will agree to prior to the start of the program.  Each participant will receive 2 copies of the book they create – one book to keep and one book to swap with their partner school.

Goals of the program

  • Help to create and supply resources to underserved communities around the world.

  • Create stories and artwork that are authentic and culturally rich.
  • Connect various communities through the art of storytelling.

Below are two examples of Write By My Side projects.  The elementary students of General Brock Public School and the high school students of SATEC @ W.A Porter C.I collaborated to create 2 books in consecutive school years.  Each week the students would meet for weekly group sessions with the older students mentoring the younger students and helping them with the writing process.  Sessions were guided and supervised by BOOKORAMA staff, as well as by teachers from both schools.  At the end of the project students received a copy of the books and enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate their accomplishments.  New for 2017 and beyond, students are able to create their own individual books using BOOKORAMA Publisher or a publishing kit.

We Can Make A DifferenceGeneral Brock and Satec (Elementary and high school Collaboration)
Kindness & CaringGeneral Brock and SATEC (Elementary & high school collaboration)

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