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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

Sports are a powerful tool for engaging youth and helping them to build self confidence.   We have encounted many students who would rather talk sports than poetry.  Instead of extinguishing that passion and trying to fit students into our BOOKORAMA model, we built a program that uses sports as a cataylst for creativity and self discovery. The main objective of the SPORTS SHORTS program is to help students make connections between the playing field and their everyday life.  The founder of BOOKORAMA is a former NCAA division one athlete who became a tech and publishing entrepenuer by applying many of the lessons and skills learned through sports.


Sports shorts is a publishing program that successfully leverages the love that many students have for sports to help encourage and develop literacy and creativity.  Using this spin off of the BOOKORAMA student publishing program, participants will visualize positive outcomes and create amazing books that define the storybook endings they would hope to see.

Quick Facts

  • Each participant will receive their own published book
  • Students are assigned activities that help them learn about and leverage skills that are applicable in both sports and life such as leadership and cooperation.

  • The SPORTS SHORTS program also includes access to online resources and workshops
  • SPORT SHORTS book templates are available to customize via the BOOKORAMA publisher


Big Shoes 2 Phil is a children’s book written and illustrated by BOOKORAMA creator Arnel Scott.  Initially the characters where developed as a demonstration excercise during a SPORTS SHORTS workshop.  Today, this book is used as  a teaching tool for students to learn about character design, page composition, story telling and other elements of publishing as they work on their own stories and illustrations.

BIG SHOES 2 PHILA sports story about the power of dreaming BIG!

S.T.A.T.S (Students Taking Action Towards Success)

S.T.A.T.S (Students Taking Actions Towards Success is a goal setting and mentoring program for youth who dream BIG and the educators who wish to help the plan for and achieve success.

Designed to Serve

  • Reluctant Readers and Writers

  • School Sports Teams

  • At risk or marginalized youth

Participants of the S.T.A.T.S workshop go on a journey of self discovery and learn strategies and tips that will help them acheive the goals that they have identified for themselves.  Rather than teaching students to reach for the stars, this program is designed to help students design a build the ship that will take them to the stars and beyond.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  Planning.  Action.  Success.  Contact us for more details.

STATS PLANNERStudent Goal Setting and Success Planner (Customized for each student participant)

if you can Imagine it, you can achieve it.

3 ways to create your next book!


Use the BOOKORAMA publisher to create books, posters and more online.  You can use art from the app or import your own hand drawn images and photos!

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Publishing Kits

Prefer to create your artwork and writing offline.  Use our Publishing kits and have a more traditional hands on experience.  We scan your original art and text!

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Guided Workshops

Have a special project in mind?  Need some assitance with a school club or groups of students.  We can help you customize a BOOKORAMA experience for your school or organzation.

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