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BOOKORAMA Publisher is A digital publishing studio for students, teachers and schools.  Using our custom software, students and teachers can create books, posters, greeting cards and more!  

Whether you decide to print your creations or save them as an online portfolio, the BOOKORAMA publisher is a effective tool for helping students to create, archive and eventually publish their creations.  

BOOKORAMA publisher is supported with How To Videos and Tutorials  to help students at every stage of the creation process.  Once registered, students can use this online tool.


Many students have the desire to write and create books, but become intimidated by the blank page staring back at them.  To solve this problem, we have created some very unique templates to help students create many types of books.  We have a growing libray of templates with serveral books cover virtually every topic on the way!

Simple Interface

BOOKORAMA publisher was designed after more than 10 years classroom experience with students creating books.  Using the knowledge we have gained over the years, we have developed a tool that is easy to use and prvide students with power options and flexibilty.  We have many additional features on the way, so stay tuned for frequent developments!

Security Features

Our accounts have many security features included to help Teachers(Room Leaders) effectively manage their online classrooms.  Teachers(Room Leaders) have the option to lock and unlock student accounts.  Add or remove students from assignents, view student created books, and leave notes within student accounts.

Theme Specific Artwork

One major advantage of our software is that we are able to curate and target specific artwork based on themes, sponsors, or specific templates.  Your students will have theme appropriate artwork related to any themed book or project they create.  Keep students focused and on message in their writing!

  • School and Organzation Accounts (up to 30 classrooms and 900 users)
  • Teacher Accounts (30 student users)
  • Home Accounts ( Up to 3 users)
  • Student Accounts (Must be registered and created through a school or organzination)

Student Accounts

Students have the opportunity to customize their own accounts once they have been created by a teacher.  Students can upload a profile picture, choose a user name and have access to templates, challenges, and more.  From their individual accounts students can create an unlimited number of books and use this feature to archive their work throughout the school year!  We also have rewards and badges that can be earned coming for 2018!

Personal Portfolios

Even if you have not interest in printing books, the BOOKORAMA publisher can be a very useful tool for your students.  Students are able to scan and upload artwork and stories directly into the software.  BOOKORAMA publisher is a great way for students to keep a record of all the cool things they have done throughout the year without all of the clutter.

Classroom Management Pt. 2

One of the major features of the BOOKORAMA publisher is the ability for teachers to create assignments and assign students individually to projects.  Once students have complete a book project or poster assignment the teacher has the ability to provide a grade.  Grades will be used to issue various rewards badges and certificates starting in 2018.

Classroom Management Pt. 1

In addition to assignments, we have also created a book notes feature that will allow you to provide feedback to your students about their writing within the app.  From your account dashboard you will be able to add and remove students, update passwords and access templates.  When the school year is finished, you can remove your current students and prepare for your next batch of students by updating your student list.

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