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Reach the world. Teach the world.

Each year, thousands of students participate in the BOOKORAMA Publishing program.  Some of the students that participate are selected to become BOOKORAMA Featured Authors.  Beginning in 2018 we will have an application process and also new ways to support and promote featured Authors including a small book run of 200-500 of your books and promotional materials to help you reach the world.

You can become a featured author by using your story to create positive change in your community or in the world.  Or, you can become a featured author if you use your story to overcome something that you are struggling with and use your triumph to inspire others to do the same.

BOOKORAMA Featured Authors:

Below are two examples of students that used the BOOKORAMA program to change their lives and the lives of others.  Check out their stories below.  More features to come soon!

Watch My Story
INSIGHTS: From My Heart To the WorldWritten by Sam Kaplan
Watch My Story
Through The Sound of MusicWritten by Koleen Chua
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