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BOOKORAMA: The real story

Like many of the students I work with, I once struggled with the question,

“Is my story good enough to be told?”

Over the years, I have come to realize that this is a pointless question to ask.  It turns out the only bad stories, are the stories that go untold. 

We grant ourselves the freedom and permission to create, the moment we have the desire to create – It takes no further approval than that.  BOOKORAMA is for students who love writing and for the students who would rather do anything other than write.  BOOKORAMA is for students who exude natural confidence and for students who feel like certain places and spaces are intended for everyone but them.  BOOKORAMA is for anyone who feels that their voice is missing from the conversation and decides that they have something to say.

At its core, BOOKORAMA is a self publishing and self empowerment program that will help students harness the power of their voices, while pulling thoughts from minds and plucking words from breath then placing them on pages for the world to see.

Our BOOKORAMA authors are a collection of voices, all pointed in same direction, tuned to the same frequency, raised to same volume, triumphantly announcing: “We are here! Our stories may differ, but our voices have because and will always matter.”

Thank you to all the students who have helped me to find my voice.  Please allow me to return the favour!

– Arnel Scott



Meet The Founder

Arnel Scott is an award winning entrepreneur who has leveraged technology and traditional publishing to promote literacy, achievement, and self empowerment to youth for more than 15 years .  As a Tech entrepreneur and publisher, Arnel has developed tools and programs including BOOKORAMA® Student Publishing, that engage youth across the spectrum, including students with behavioural issues, ESL learners, aspiring writers and young philanthropists.

  • Harry Jerome Awards – Past receipient athletics
  • Markham Board of Trade – served on the board as a director
  • D.R.E.A.M.S Inc. – Served on board of directors/span>
  • Passing the Torch Award – Herbert Carnegie (Building Character in the Community)
  • Canadian Living Magazine– 1 of 30 Canadians Who Make A Difference
  • Columbia University – Former NCAA Division Student Athlete

In addition to the software and programs that Arnel has developed through his company 2WICE A CHILD Inc. , Arnel continues to  create iOS apps and teaching materials for York Regional Police that are deployed throughout the region and at the Kids Safety Village.

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